Get Shaped For Summer

Feel the Joy of a Great Fit!

Need help getting tops to fit right and look great on you? Want to look like you've lost 5-10 lbs without the diets and workouts? Did you know that the secret is as easy as getting a bra that fits correctly! So if you're tired of trying to find the right bra by yourself, frustrated with not getting good results using an online bra size calculator or measurement system, didn't even realize that you may need help with this area of life...well then this is the party for you!

Fabrics are flimsy and can't maintain or offer a flattering shape. Most bra brands only go up to a DD cup, 30 or 32 bands are almost impossible to find and there is no one there to explain why one option is better than another for you. 

But don't worry, here at Persona, we got you!

Persona is bringing in a trained professional to come help you "Get Shaped For Summer!" As trained experienced fitters they'll be here to make the best recommendations possible. They can tell you why each item was selected for our store and how each one fits differently. You may be between band or cup sizes and need one that falls right in between. The goal is to provide you with excellent fitting bras and to upgrade your overall appearance..just by finding the correct bra fit!


The event will be held at the Persona store front in downtown Slayton on Saturday, June 11th, 9am-3pm. 

Purchase your ticket and then call us to reserve a time slot! See phone number below.

(507) 836-6007

Groups will get $5 off each ticket purchase. When calling to reserve a time slot let us know who will be attending with you, but if you prefer a private consult that's okay too!

Attendings who are having a private consult must purchase the $15 ticket or that ticket will be refunded. 

We can't wait to "Get Shaped For Summer" with you...See you and you're besties there!



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